Playing roulette online tips and tricks

Roulette is a very easy game and can be understood in a matter of minutes. If you place the right bets and follow the correct strategy, you can land a very large amount of money in a single game of online roulette. Create your roulette online account at today and take your first steps toward online betting. Read this article to know more.

How to play online roulette?

Roulette is a fast paced and exciting game and is played on a revolving wheel that is divided in to 37 sections in the European edition and 38 in its American counterpart.The former version has one section for 0 while in the American version, there are sections for 0 and 00. The rest of the sections are numbered from 1 to 36 in a random fashion.

Before the ball is dropped on the revolving wheel, every player places a bet on the number on which the ball will fall . You can even bet on groups of numbers or their combinations on which the ball will fall and rest. Once the bets are laid on a betting chart, the ball is dropped on the revolving wheel by the dealer.

Kinds of bets

There are primarily two kinds of online roulette bets. Inside bets are laid on single numbers or certain groups of numbers. If you wagered on 2,1,32, 15, etc. that would be an Inside bet. It would also include laying bets on 2, 3, 4 or 6 neighbouring numbers. Inside bets have very low odds but very big payouts. The maximum payout in this bet is 35:1.

Outside bets are placed on the number combinations mentioned in the outer part of the betting chart. Examples of Outside bets are Red or Black, High or Low, Column or betting on 12 numbers, Odd or Even or Dozen Betting. Odds on all these bets vary and so do their payouts. The maximum payout you can expect is in the ratio 2:1.

Choose the right casino

Select an online casino that has a wide variety of online roulette games. Some online casino also have French roulette wheels. Here, players gain by laying even bets such as High/ Low, Odd/ Even, Black/ Red. etc. You could also join a casino which has several wheels on which you can lay the same bet to improve your chances of netting good money.

  • Create your online casino account in just a few steps
  • Make the first deposit while opening your account

If you have been missing your regular land-based casino, you can sign up on a website that offers live dealer roulette. Here, you can interact with a real dealer via your computer and internet connection. Speak with him, take tips, and crack jokes with him. A good live roulette product is marked by great camera angles, special effects, fun and good lighting.

Online casinos and bonuses

Pick that online casino that offers several bonuses and has transparent terms and conditions. If you are gambling for the first time, you might receive a Welcome or Signup bonus from your gambling website. This could be a Deposit or a No Deposit Bonus. The former is offered when you make an initial deposit and the casino sometimes matches your deposit 100% with its contribution.

Players who have stuck to their online casinos for a long time can expect to receive Reload Bonuses on monthly and weekly bonuses. Some players open their accounts from a specific website and these gamblers receive special privileges from their casinos. High rollers or gamblers who bet big amounts of money also receive special awards from their websites. Use your bonus to play smartly.

Online casinos and safety

Since you would be parking your sensitive information such as password, bank account number, etc. on your casino, choose a site that keeps your information safe and secure. Most gambling websites use the Secure Socket Layer technology to protect your data. All your communication and sensitive data is encrypted so that no hackers can watch your activities. Also look out for sites that keep your payments safe.

If your casino's URL starts with 'https', it is trustworthy site. Search engines such as Google consider these sites as more trustworthy when it comes to making online payments. Look out for online casinos that have licenses from gambling regulators. Having a license means the casino makes timely payments . It also means that all its games are fair and cannot be rigged. Look for the license on the homepage.