Panther Springs United Methodist Church


United Methodist Men

The United Methodist Men of Panther Springs United Methodist Church meets normally on the third Saturday morning of each month at 7:30 AM for breakfast and a business meeting.  Bruce Quilliams is President, Tom Long is Vice President, Jim Wilder is Secretary, and Chuck Orndoff  is Treasurer.  This is a revitalized, energetic group of gentlemen who work so hard in the background, doing God's work in our Church family.

The mission statement of the United Methodist Men at Panther Springs United Methodist Church is:  “To do God's work through fellowship and charitable community deeds.”  There are currently 36 active members.

Annual Activities by the United Methodist Men:

Their “Big Country Breakfasts,” two times each year;

Annual “Camp for Kids” Golf Tournament;

Prayer Pager Ministry

(The club began this ministry a few years ago and it seems to have been widely received.  The pagers are provided to anyone who has a serious illness or a period of grief or any other need for prayer.  The folks who have used the pagers extol the virtues and attest to the fact that “knowing someone is praying for you is very comforting.”)

The United Methodist Men provide funding for the Boy Scouts, our Youth Ministry, Good Samaritan Fund, improvements to the kitchen, the sanctuary and church property among others.



United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women is an organized unit of women from all walks of life.  There are two circles of the UMW to accommodate practically anyone's schedule that would like to attend.  The two circles have ongoing mission projects such as MATS (Ministerial Association Temporary Shelter), CEASE (Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Shelter), The Daily Bread, and Baskets of Snacks for people in the ICU waiting area at Jefferson Memorial Hospital.  Each year the UMW focuses on one particular verse from the Bible.

Circle I meets at 9:00 AM on the first Wednesday of each month in the Fellowship Hall.

Circle II meets at 7:00 PM on the second Tuesday of each month in the Fellowship Hall. Sandy Whittle is President of The United Methodist Women and you may reach her at (423) 318-7636.

For more information on the United Methodist Women, contact the President, Sandy Whittle, at (423)318-7636.



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